Introducing Body's new ingredients

Our bestselling superfood powder just got better. Discover the new and improved blend for energy, gut health, immunity and more.

Since launching in 2021, Body has remained our hero product for its all-in-one health support—adding 15 superfoods to your daily diet which support energy, gut health, mood, immunity, skin and more.

Not only does its whole food blend benefit everyone, but it’s a convenient, delicious and cost-effective way to incorporate more plants into your diet.

So that we can continue to help you make every day more nutritious, we’ve listened to your feedback and the latest science and the result is finally here: a new and improved Body blend. While we’ve kept most of our amazing superfood ingredients, we’ve adjusted some and replaced others.

Not only will you notice even better digestion, but you’ll find there’s a new citrusy note from kiwi. We think Body’s new blend tastes best shaken up with water, making it even easier to drink on the go.

Discover our new ingredients below:

  • Green Kiwi: We’ve added Actazin®, the only green kiwifruit powder with clinically proven efficacy to support digestive health. It improves bowel regularity and healthy poo; reduces bloating, gas and discomfort; and enhances the digestion of protein.
  • Vitamin D3: We’ve replaced our plant-based Vitamin D2 with Vita-algae D®—the best form of Vitamin D3 from algae—for immunity and bone health. Usually, Vitamin D3 is sourced from sheep's wool (lanolin) so isn’t vegan-friendly. Low vitamin D3 was recognised as a key factor in COVID-19 mortality rates.
  • Probiotics: We’ve replaced our bio cultures for ActiBio®-BC, a unique probiotic renowned for its ability to survive room temperatures (perfect for our powdered Body blend) and stomach acid, allowing it to reach your gut where it can thrive. Here it helps to support a balanced microbiome (the community of bacteria) and supports overall health through improving digestion and strengthening the immune system.
  • Folate: We’ve updated our Folate (Vitamin B9) to a methylated version which is highly absorbable, allowing your body to naturally convert it into folic acid. While commonly associated with women’s supplementation for fertility and pregnancy, folic acid may benefit men’s mental health, heart health, sperm health and cancer risk.
  • Vitamin B12: We’ve replaced our Cyanocobalamin with Methylcobalamin for better absorption. Vitamin B12 helps your body produce red blood cells and prevents anaemia, supports metabolism and contributes to healthy energy levels.
  • Chicory Root: We’ve lowered the amount of chicory root in our blend by 20% as, while it helps with digestion, some people experience excess gas as a side effect. We’ve substituted in a Green Kiwi extract that retains our fibre level of 5.3 grams per serving while improving fibre diversity—plus it helps to reduce gas and bloating.


All-in-one health support


Our delicious berry flavour whole food and fibre-rich plant powder bolsters your daily diet to improve gut health, digestion, energy, mood and more. Loved by nutritionists, it's an everyday essential that virtually anyone will benefit from.

Need convincing? Try our 7 day trial pack for just £15. 



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