What the Blue Poop Challenge can tell you about your gut health

What can your poo tell you about your gut health? 

The foods we eat, the amount of fibre in our diets and how hydrated we are, all play a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut. New research has revealed that measuring our gut transit time can teach us much more about our intestinal health and microbiome population than through standard stool charts analysing how often we poo or what it looks like.

"Indi's take on Tim Spector's #bluepoopchallenge is a fun and easy way to get us to pay attention to our gut health. With a simple tweak to your daily Indi shake, you can use ZOE's freely available tool based on world leading research to learn more about your microbiome status and how you can improve it. It's such an exciting step in personalised nutrition knowledge!” - Dr Federica Amati PhD Nutri, Indi’s Chief Nutrition Scientist 


Are you up for the blue poop challenge?

Test your gut transit time with Indi's ‘Blue Body Shake':

Record your result

Record your result online at ZOE’s Blue Poop Challenge and discover your Poop Personality!


How can Indi help my gut health?

9 out of 10 people in the UK are not reaching even half of the RDA of 30g of prebiotic fibre, which is essential for maintaining good gut health. Indi body makes this target easier to reach with 5.3g of fibre per 16g serving as well as helpful polyphenols. Containing beta glucans, which provide a rich source of soluble fibre and powerful chicory root & baobab fibres, you can easily increase your intake every day with a tasty, low-calorie diet enhancing shake.