The power of cocoa


Chocolate has long been thought of as an unhealthy food which causes weight gain, tooth decay and even acne. But the tide is turning and we now know that the heart of chocolate, cacao, and its beneficial chemicals, cocoa flavonols, are actually very good for us.


The cacao plant, Theobroma (which means food of the gods in Latin) cacao, is an evergreen tree which produces large yellow fruit with seeds known as cocoa beans. These seeds can be used to make chocolate liquor, cocoa solids, cocoa butter and chocolate. It was the Mayans and Aztecs who discovered that the seeds inside the fruits make for a health boosting food. It was so prized by these populations that it was used as currency!


Long revered for its ability to make people feel happier, chocolate helps to stimulate serotonin production. But more than just feeling good, cocoa can be really beneficial to our overall health. A recent clinical trial investigated the effects of cocoa flavanol supplementation to prevent heart disease and death. The results showed that even after just 3 years of follow-up, the cocoa had an impact on reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease death by 27% in this cohort of over 20,000 adults over 60.


Mind features a high-strength cocoa extract, sourced from Ghana, with a theobromine content of 24%. This is twice as potent as you would find typically in the darkest chocolate. It's benefits include:

  • stimulates blood flow and oxygen delivery around the body, from the lungs to the muscles and brain
  • improvements in cognition and mental alertness
  • mood enhancing with anti-depressant effects by promoting feel-good chemicals in the brain

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So as Easter approaches, feel good about chocolate... just remember, the darker the better!

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