Powder vs. pills


Indi supplements are sold in powder form ready to mix with water, plant-based milk or a smoothie. But why powder, and not a pill or capsule? 


Keep it natural:  Indi supplements are made from real food ingredients which have been freeze-dried, dehydrated or concentrated into a powder.  These processes retain the nutrients in their natural form. 

Keep it potent:  Drying and powdering real foods also maintains the quality and potency of ingredients, so we can capture the maximum nutritional value from each plant. 

Make it bioavailable:  All our powder ingredients are bioavailable, meaning they are delivered in forms the body can actually process, absorb and use. Retaining their natural form is key for our digestive systems to 'recognise and accept' the active compounds and micronutrients. Powders have an added advantage of a larger surface area (that chewing alone may not have unlocked), making it easier for the necessary enzymatic reactions to happen. From a more practical point of view, some nutrients are fat soluble so mixing with a plant milk or consuming with an avocado smoothie can improve how they are taken up by the body. Other ingredients, such as fibre, are better delivered when you are fully hydrated so a powder/drink-based supplement helps here, too. 

Deliver doses that really work:  Potent and natural ingredients are critical, but they need to be used at an effective level to have an impact. Drawing on data and insights from clinical trials, our world-class product development partner fine-tuned our formulas to ensure the dosage of each ingredient will deliver meaningful results. Put simply - fitting this volume of nutritional value into a small pill or capsule just wouldn't be possible. 

So, the answer for us is simple;  there's more power in powders.  We'll raise a glass to that. 

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