Meet our Chief Scientist, Dr Federica

Dr Federica Amati PhD ANutr

A Nutritionist like no other, with two Masters and a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research to her name.

Dr Federica’s work focuses on three main areas: Nutrition, Mental Health and the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. These points are closely interlinked, with the role of the gut-brain axis, the microbiome and a life course approach to health and disease prevention.

Her career began with a Masters in Public Health at Imperial College London, following an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences with honours in Pharmacology. She has since completed another Masters degree at London School of Health and Tropical Medicine in Nutrition, alongside a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research from Imperial College London.

Federica’s work is held at the highest regard across the scientific community, with impressive praise from renowned epidemiologist, Tim Spector OBE who has said, “Federica is a brilliant scientist. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about nutrition research and communicating evidence based science in a clear and practical way.

With many public health issues continually pointing back to nutrition, her aim is to empower the wider public with more knowledge of personalised approaches to nutrition within a larger societal context. Her training in endocrine pharmacology, public health and epidemiology enable her to take a rigorous scientific approach, focusing on improving overall dietary quality, optimising microbiome balance to harness long-term benefits to our health.

She continues to work with the WHO, organising conferences and talks for academic and non-academic audiences. She is also actively involved in nutrition, physical activity and mental wellbeing research at Imperial College London as well as cardiometabolic health and COVID-19 and nutrition research with NNedPro, a global think tank founded at Cambridge University. Additionally she is part of an ongoing Nutrition research project, alongside a team of world renowned scientists at ZOE, focusing their research on our unique gut response.

Federica is Chief Nutrition Scientist for Indi, explaining that her decision to work with the brand was due to the fact that “Indi understands the importance of a varied, plant-rich diet, so they have created their range to act as a diet enhancer, taking our dietary diversity to the next level, as opposed to a supplement to replace whole foods.

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