Informed Sport accreditation


Informed Sport is a testing and certification programme for the sports nutrition industry.  They certify products as safe to use by athletes and we’re proud to have their stamp of approval on our two protein supplements: Build and Tone.

Informed Sport’s third party laboratory tests every batch of product for over 250 substances to ensure it contains exactly what it says, and nothing that it shouldn’t.

Why does this matter?

Even a trace level of contamination from a banned substance can be a threat to an athlete's career. Identifying contamination at these low levels requires a sensitivity of screening considerably beyond our routine quality control systems. With over 15 years of experience and testing hundreds of thousands of products and ingredients, the Informed Sport mark provides manufacturers and consumers with the highest levels of quality assurance based on the very best scientific expertise. Products carrying the Informed Sport logo can be trusted by all. 

Why is constant testing important? 

The rigorous testing process constant evolves to adapt to new threats to the supplement industry. Batch testing ensures the products are consistently safe and produced to the highest standards. All products with the Informed Sport accreditation logo - like Indi’s Tone & Build performance blends - can be checked by the consumer on the sport.wetestyoutrust website for peace of mind.

      What does this mean for you? 

      Whether you are a gym lover, road runner, weekend warrior, or full time athlete the Informed Sport logo gives you that extra level of assurance in our products. Whatever your activity level, Indi’s Tone & Build can support you in achieving a healthy active lifestyle.