Making your own plant milks

Go nuts for homemade

Have you ever tried making your own milk?  My motto is 'homemade is best' and this couldn't be more true than for plant-based milks.  Benefits include: 

  • Free from preservatives, fillers, added oils 
  • No processed sugars 
  • Superior nutritional profile with a higher percentage of nuts/seeds than you are likely to find in shop-bought versions 
  • Maximum flavour (be sure to use quality ingredients)
  • Cheaper
  • No packaging and therefore a more sustainable and ethical choice 



Other than a high-power blender, I recommend getting a nut-milk bag. They are available online for just a few pounds and they will make the process much easier.  There's a variety of materials available, but I prefer the compostable, sustainable bags made from cotton and hemp.  (The same bag can be used for yogurt and cheese making, too.)

'How to' 

Click here to read a step-by-step on how to make almond milk.  And continue to follow the Indi blog for new posts on oat and hemp milk, as well as recipes to inspire you on how to combine with Indi supplements.   

- Caroline Snook, Recipe Developer